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Pastor's Page October 2018

Many of us have pets at some point in our lives.

In my family, we grew up with cats named Ebony and Playfull as well as a menagerie of carnival‐won goldfish and be as that usually didn’t live long enough to be named. I also remember a failed attempt at hermit crabs. Travis’ first pet was a rabbit named Walter, and later his folks had a cocker spaniel named Millie. If you have been to the parsonage, you may have met Clementine—a larger‐than‐life orange tabby who thought she was a dog. A few weeks ago, a cat adopted us from the Animal Rescue League; we named her Rey after Daisy Ridley’s character in the Star Wars franchise. She is small, poised, and doesn’t shed much—in other words, the opposite of Clementine! Eventually, Rey may share her roost with a service dog.

Yes, pets enhance and enrich our lives in meaningful ways. They make us laugh, provide us company, occasionally try our patience, reduce our stress levels, and give us responsibility. Even people who don’t have pets of their own often enjoy watching birds come to a bird feeder, feeding squirrels, or laughing at chipmunks as they stuff their cheeks.

On October 14th at 2 pm, come to the parish house for a pet blessing. We have the gift of plenty of green space in front of the parish house. Bring your furry, scaly, feathery friends, and I will bless them. Invite your friends and neighbors to this “pop‐up” gathering.

Earlier that morning, we’ll be celebrating Generosity Sunday in worship. God’s generosity extends to all creatures, great AND small.

Rev. Rachael C. Dietz

“All creatures of our God and King, lift up your voice and with us sing...”     LBW527/ELW 835



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