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Pastor's Page February 2019

Recently, Jackson Kraft gifted me with a powerful demonstration on joyful giving.

Normally, he enthusiastically participates in the Children’s Sermon and he helps his sister Kylie down the aisle. This particular Sunday, he also brought something else— his wallet. He came prepared for joyful noise offering! Because he regularly comes to worship and experiences the pattern of our life, he knew to expect joyful noise and wanted to be ready.

It did not matter that it wasn’t an “official” collection day for joyful noise. Jackson and Kylie (with the help of the acolyte) found an offering plate, plunked their change down for God’s mission in the world, and ran/skipped back to their pew grinning.

For the past month, the St. John’s generosity team asked friends and family, “How much is enough?” and “What does joyful giving actually look like?” Do not be surprised if one of us engages YOU in casual conversation. Better yet—stop Aubrey and Mary Naugle, Gail and Greg Colahan, Steve King, or me—and initiate such a dialogue. We’re not looking for pat answers; in fact, we’re comfortable with silence combined with a healthy dose of stammering.

Thank you, Jackson. Psst—I hope you had fun building your pinewood derby car.

Rev. Rachael C. Dietz



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