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Pastor's Page July 2021

Habits – Discipline Shape Us

We look for a break from the hectic pace of fall, winter and spring months with the coming of summer. Yet, summer can be as busy as any other season. Only the summer activities are different.

Instead of meetings, there are special outdoor projects. There are weeks away from home as we vacation or head out on weekend camping trips. Sports activities for the chil- dren continue. Any break from them is short. It won't be long before all the teams (and band and cheerleaders and ...) are "gearing up" for the fall. Naturally, there is still the preretirement full time jobs and sometimes that means over time as others take vacation time.

So, if we thought summer would be slower and give us opportunity to exercise by taking evening walks or sit down and read a good book or sunbath or... suddenly we discover there is no more time now than during the rest of the year! If we want to change our pace and walk or read or lounge around we must make time-schedule time-for those special moments.

It would be sooo nice if life just easily flowed together for us. Instead, we find we must constantly discipline ourselves, schedule activities and prioritize what matters.

People are often criticized for their habits. It may be observed that someone goes to church out of habit. But habits give some continuity to our lives; help us keep our priorities. Making it a habit to walk every day or a habit to turn the TV off for an hour and read or a habit to pray before getting tied up the rest of the day can be very helpful.

We can be cynical about those who have certain habits or perhaps we can see that at least some habits may be very helpful to organizing our day. Many habits have been shaped through discipline and prioritizing what really matters for an individual.

Along with any habits we form to maintain our bodies or mental activity, I hope we do not neglect the spirit that dwells within us. We are more than mind, body and emotions. We are spirit beings too! Let us worship God together.

Pastor Heintzelman


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