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God's work. Our hands.

Pastor's Page September 2018

There’s more new happening at St. John’s than just the spotted lanternfly!

The youth and adults returned from Houston brimming with the message that “This Changes Everything!”

‘God’s Work. Our Hands’ Sunday on has service projects for everyone, no matter the age or ability. Come on out to worship at 9 am on 9/9 to make a difference in our community. ( An easy way to remember it: 9 on 9/9. )

The Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymnals are on their way to us, and we’ll have me to familiarize ourselves with them.

Faith formation con nues at 8:45 am star ng on 9/16. I can’t wait to see how our faith will deepen this year, and what a difference you will make in our community of faith and beyond.

Families have expressed interest in baptism. Are you interested?

All the choirs, from cherub to youth to bell to senior, will be practicing again. Feel free to join in.

WELCA and Men’s Fellowship begin their monthly gatherings.

The remaining produce from the community garden will be harvested. Spend me in God’s creation, and help us pick food for our neighbors in need.

Bishop Zeiser will meet our youth this Fall. He’s excited to experience all our youth have to bring to the world.

While you have my express encouragement to help the lanternfly meet its Maker, please don’t squash your faith. Or hide it under a bushel basket. Or starve it from lack of community. In fact, come and feed your faith, stretch your wings, and wrestle with the Word.

Rev. Rachael C. Dietz



We are a part of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod and a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.


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