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Pastor's Page December 2018

Whether on the train platform in Glasgow, the subway in New York City, or the wooden 2x4’s of the Wildwood, NJ boardwalk, speakers broadcast a message: “Mind the Gap.” At regular intervals, a recorded voice reminds riders and walkers to “mind the gap,” or similar words. Mind the Gap so you don’t trip and fall, Mind the Gap in order to get to your destination safely, Mind the Gap to be on the lookout for others who might need extra assistance, and Mind the Gap to keep travel moving smoothly.

If you’ve been around on a Sunday morning lately, you might catch glimpses of gaggles of children (and their giggles). Since the beginning of the school year, more people of all ages are involved in worship and faith formation. We’re learning a lot about generosity and gratitude. We talk about our faith around dinner tables and social media. We invite neighbors and friends. We’re practicing patience, wrestling with loss, and experiencing enthusiasm as we step out in faith.

Which brings us to this point: our desire to do ministry is outpacing our resources to fund the momentum. We have a gap of approximately $28,800 between income and expenses for the year. Real estate taxes, along with repairs to the elevator and electrical systems in the parish house account for $18,000. Those obligations became due in October. Our finance ministry members do an excellent job of ensuring that St. John’s uses your gifts in efficient and cost‐effective ways.

Will you help us mind the gap? By making an additional end‐of‐year gift, you will be connecting faith and finances. You will be investing in what God is up to in the world. Feel good about the difference St. John’s makes in Mohnton and beyond.

As Advent begins, we mind the gap:

Rev. Rachael C. Dietz

Lord God, you have called your servants to ventures of which we cannot see the ending. Give us faith to live with good courage, trusting that your hand is leading us and your love supporting us; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Adapted from ELW Vespers



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